Fall Recovery

Transfer and Lift Individuals Virtually Anywhere a Fall Occurs

All facilities should have a plan in place for immediate action in the event of a fall. With the HoverJack® Fall Recovery Kit, caregivers can quickly and safely assist fallen patients, staff members or visitors. The kit consists of the HoverJack® Air Patient Lift and the HoverMatt® Air Transfer Mattress, which can be stored in the HoverJack Cart. The stocked cart can remain in a designated location for easy access in the event of a fall. 

The one-of-a-kind HoverJack features four chambers with self-sealing inflation valves that are inflated sequentially to lift patients from the floor to bed or stretcher height in a supine position. If a bed or stretcher is not nearby, the HoverJack’s Teflon-coated bottom allows caregivers to slide the patient across any surface. From there, caregivers can use the HoverMatt® Air Transfer Mattress to laterally transfer the individual from the HoverJack to a bed, stretcher or imaging table with a reduced pull-force up to 90%.

The HoverJack and HoverMatt can each accommodate patients up to1200 lbs while keeping the patient in a stable, supine position. With fewer caregivers needed for recovery after a fall, patients will have a more dignified experience. The HoverJack and HoverMatt will maximize patient comfort and minimize the risk of injury to the patient and caregivers.

The HoverJack Fall Recovery Kit is particularly suited to assist individuals who have fallen in tight spaces. If a patient has fallen in the bathroom, caregivers can log-roll the patient onto the deflated HoverMatt, use the Air Supply to inflate the mattress, then easily transfer the patient onto the deflated HoverJack. With the deflated HoverMatt still underneath the patient, the HoverJack can be inflated using the same Air Supply to lift the patient to bed or stretcher height. The patient can then be transferred via the inflated HoverMatt back to the bed or stretcher, eliminating all manual patient handling.

This same method can be applied to falls in parking lots, as well as for car extractions, diagnostic environments and virtually anywhere a fall occurs (both the HoverMatt and HoverJack are MRI-compatible).

To discuss a solution for your facility’s specific needs, contact us at: info@hovermatt.com