Caregiver Injury Prevention

Improve Caregiver Safety and Efficiency

Safe patient handling equipment that significantly reduces or eliminates the force needed to move patients can substantially impact safety and injury costs for a healthcare facility.

Both the HoverMatt® Air Transfer Mattress and HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet reduce the force needed to move a patient by 80-90%. This means that for caregivers moving a 300 lb patient, it will feel like only moving 30-60 lbs! As a result, fewer caregivers are needed, improving safety and efficiency. The HoverMatt and HoverSling can be used in any hospital department for lateral transfers, turning, boosting and positioning.

HoverTech’s HELP, Early Mobility Program, offers scalable solutions that will help you establish, or work with your existing SPHM program, to reduce the risk of caregiver injury in your facility.

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