HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet

Multi-functional to Streamline Process

The breathable HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet functions as both a HoverMatt® SPU and sling to streamline patient handling tasks and reduce the amount of time and money spent using multiple products. With the HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet, caregivers can use one product for lateral and vertical transfers, boosting, positioning, turning and vertical lifting. The patient also benefits from trusted HoverMatt air technology that eliminates friction and reduces skin shear during transfers and repositioning.

*HoverSlings are approved under ISO 10535 – Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons — Requirements and test methods. The requirements of ISO 10535:2006 are formulated with regard to the needs of both the disabled persons being hoisted and the attendant using the hoist.

Additional features and benefits of the HoverSling Repositioning Sheet:

  • Combined air transfer mattress and lift sling simplifies product selection to provide a comprehensive approach for patients who require vertical and lateral transfers, turning and repositioning
  • Unique lift sling design secures and cradles limbs for even support
  • Air transfer technology eliminates bruising and reduces skin shear, improving patient safety and comfort
  • 1000 lb weight capacity accommodates a large range of patients, including bariatric
  • Radiolucent/MRI compatibility allows product to stay in place during diagnostic imaging
  • HT-Air® air supply (sold separately) provides a variable speed airflow safety feature that allows caregivers to check patient’s position before full inflation, while providing a quieter and more gradual inflation for sensitive or anxious patients and those in pain
  • Supports Safe Patient Handling recommendations and guidelines for increased healthcare worker safety from OSHA, AORN, NAON, NIOSH and ANA

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