HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet

Multi-functional to Streamline Process

The HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet is a 2-in-1 single-patient use device that utilizes an air assisted matt with a sling to provide a multi-functional approach to safe patient handling. It is equipped with 4 equal length straps that are color coded on both sides. Even placement of the straps on both sides of the hanger bar makes it easy to perform a true supine lift. The HoverSling is compatible with any loop style hanger bar and can be used throughout the hospital with ceiling or mobile lifts. It can also be used with air-assist in departments without lifts, such as radiology and the OR. It is available in 39” and 50” widths to accommodate various patient sizes.

Do more with less:

  • Less injuries
  • Less time in choosing which product is needed
  • Less staff needed by utilizing air and lifts than manual effort
  • Less inventory & shelf space
  • More comfort for the patient – gentle & controlled movements
  • More versatility with 1 product
  • More bed coverage – can replace a sheet
  • More tasks with 1 product

The breathable material provides an ideal microclimate and is compatible with low air loss beds allowing the product to be left under the patient for all day care. Increase compliance for use of a safe patient handling device with the HoverSling – reducing caregiver injuries, while supporting patient safety and comfort. 

HT-Air Supply (sold separately) offers two airflow speeds, as well as a variable speed option for a gradual inflation, for patients who are sensitive, anxious and/or in pain. Learn More >

*HoverSlings are approved under ISO 10535 – Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons — Requirements and test methods. The requirements of ISO 10535:2006 are formulated with regard to the needs of both the disabled persons being hoisted and the attendant using the hoist.

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