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Clinical Environments

Tested for safety and compatibility, HoverTech offers a unique line of SPHM products that can easily be used in any clinical environment.

Operating Room

As surgical techniques and technology advance, specialty tables have necessitated unique lateral transfer and positioning devices for the peri-operative setting. HoverTech International offers lateral transfer and positioning devices...

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Caring for critically ill patients with little to no mobility requires significant manual effort from the ICU/CCU nurse. Performing hygiene tasks, preventing pressure injuries, and moving the patient...

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Lateral transfers from stretchers to diagnostic tables, turning on narrow surfaces and positioning for diagnostic imaging are routine patient handling tasks for caregivers in the radiology department. These...

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As the first line of service, EMS professionals and firefighters play a vital role in saving lives while treating injuries and illness. They are often required to rush to...

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Emergency Room

Emergency department nurses need to act quickly in high pressure situations by rapidly assessing patient needs, and working with patients and families in crisis. Along with being a highly...

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Med-Surg nurses are the largest nursing specialty in the United States and act as true master coordinators of the unit. They require excellent time management skills, which is made...

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Labor & Delivery

Labor & Delivery nurses have the incredible responsibility of caring for and supporting women as they bring new life into the world. Theirs is an exciting, but demanding...

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Bariatric Care

Handling bariatric patients in a manner that preserves the patient’s dignity, while minimizing risk of injury, is essential in any healthcare setting. HoverTech International products help caregivers and facilities...

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Wound Care

Wound care nurses not only care for patients with wounds, ostomies and/or continence issues, but also act as advocates, educators and advisors throughout the facility in matters of wound...

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