Turning and Positioning

Maximize Patient Comfort and Avoid Caregiver Injury

Most caregivers are required to turn and position their patients numerous times during every shift. This repetitive task often leads to strain, which could escalate to musculoskeletal injuries – the most common injuries among nurses.1  To support your Safe Patient Handling and Movement initiatives as well as your patient positioning guidelines, HoverTech offers a variety of products to assist with patient turning and positioning.

Clinical guidelines recommend Q2 turning2 – This frequent turning and positioning is critical for bed-bound patients, yet it is often challenging for caregivers to manage these patient handling tasks that require significant time and physical effort. To address these concerns, HoverTech designed the Q2Roller® Lateral Turning Device for easy and efficient lateral patient turning. The Q2 Roller is comprised of two inflatable chambers that are easily controlled by caregivers to achieve optimal positioning for the patient, eliminating the need for manual lifting and preventing injuries to both caregivers and patients. Manufactured with breathable materials, the device is safe to leave under the patient of all-day care.

For turning and positioning in all clinical environments, The HoverMatt® Air Transfer System is the seamless option; Along with turning, it can be used to perform boosting, proning and lateral transfers. The HoverMatt uses technology to lift the patient on a cushion of air in a supine position, providing comfort and stability while reducing the risk of pressure injuries. Once the airflow is initiated and the HoverMatt is inflated, caregivers can boost a patient by simply grasping the transfer handles located along the outside of the HoverMatt and pulling the HoverMatt into the desired position. For turning, we offer various methods that can be used in conjunction with Positioning Wedges to hold the patient in place. To see the boosting and turning tasks in action, please watch the following videos:

The same turning and positioning tasks can also be performed with the HoverMatt® SPU Link and HoverMatt® Half-Matt. The HoverMatt SPU Link is similar to the traditional full-length HoverMatt with the addition of link straps that can be attached to the bedframe to help keep the HoverMatt in place. The HoverMatt® Half Matt offers a shorter variation of the full-sized mattress, and is ideal for use during cystoscopy, labor and delivery and other gynecological and urological procedures. When turning and positioning with the Half-Matt, an additional caregiver is required to hold and position the legs.

When lifting a patient is necessary or preferred for turning and positioning tasks, the HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet and HoverSling® Split-Leg provide a two-for-one solution by combining the same features as the HoverMatt with sling straps to be used with a patient lift system. Both HoverSling products can be used to turn patients by connecting the sling straps on one side of the HoverSling to any loop-style hanger bar. Once the sling straps are secured, caregivers can use the patient lift to turn the patient.

The HoverSling® Split-Leg, which has snaps to separate the legs, is designed for seated transfers, lithotomy positioning, turning for hygiene and individual limb lifting. The breathable HoverSling© Repositioning Sheet functions as both a HoverMatt® SPU and sling to streamline patient handling tasks and reduce the amount of time and money spent using multiple products. 

Designed specifically for ear to sternal notch positioning, the AirWedge® Adjustable Positioning Device includes a dual chamber allowing caregivers to easily position the patient’s head and chest separately eliminating the need for towels and blankets. With an 800 lb weight limit, the AirWedge safely accommodates most patients and provides a no-lift solution for caregivers.


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