Do more with less: More protection. More patient comfort. Less layering protects skin integrity.
Why the HoverCover?
  • 3x the size of a typical chux
  • 6.7-liters of fluid absorbency
  • Creates a balanced microclimate: Breathable with airflow to keep a patient cool & dry
  • Two sizes: Full & half length to accommodate a variety of needs
HoverCover Advantages vs. Typical Chux:
  • No overlapping: Reduces potential for pressure injuries
    • HoverCover protects an entire standard-sized mattress
    • Takes three 30″ x 30″ chux for the same overlapped coverage
  • No mess: No overlapping gaps to leak with multiple chux
  • Less set-up time: Placing one HoverCover instead of layering three
  • Less patient movement: Avoid wrinkles and bunching to maintain skin integrity and reduce potential pressure injuries
  • Less waste: Larger HoverCover keeps mat and sling products from getting soiled so they can be used for a longer duration of time as there is no overlapping

The HoverCover is the ideal solution for incontinence care with safe patient handling products like the HoverMatt Air Transfer System and HoverSling Repositioning Sheet.

The half-size HoverCover offers the same great incontinence protection but on a smaller scale. It provides protection for products such as the HoverMatt® Half-Matt and the Q2Roller Lateral Turning Device.

Please contact us at Info@HoverMatt.com, or call 800-471-2776 with any questions or inquiries.