Emergency Room

Aid in Safely Moving and Lifting Patients

Emergency department nurses need to act quickly in high pressure situations by rapidly assessing patient needs, and working with patients and families in crisis. Along with being a highly emotional job, it’s also a physically demanding one. Since many patients get moved to a different unit after being assessed, ER nurses are expected to transfer patients onto other surfaces like imaging tables, MedSurg beds and OR tables. HoverTech International products, such as the HoverMatt® Single-Patient Use, help reduce the risk of injury to the staff and patient when being used during transfers, boosting and turning. The HoverMatt SPU is radiolucent, so it can remain under the patient during their entire hospital stay including in diagnostic environments. The HoverMatt SPU is comprised of highly breathable materials to support your hospital’s pressure injury prevention initiatives.

Patient and visitor falls are common in the Emergency Department. The HoverJack® Air Patient Lift allows caregivers to safely lift fallen patients without gathering a lift team. It is also an effective tool for vehicle extractions. The HoverJack inflates to lift patients up to 1,200lbs safely and comfortably, bringing them to bed or stretcher height with the adjustable chamber feature. The HoverJack’s Teflon® bottom allows caregivers to move the patient across any surface as needed.

For emergency situations, the AirWedge™ Adjustable Positioning Device makes it easy to achieve ear-to-sternal notch positioning, and is fully adjustable to accommodate most patients. The AirWedge works well on bariatric patients too, positioning their head and neck for easy breathing with a weight limit of 800lbs. HoverTech International Products minimize the need for multiple caregivers to lift, move and position patients, and reduce the strain on caregivers to prevent injury. Here are our top choices for ER departments:

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