Vertical Lifting – Sling Solutions

Perform Patient Handling Tasks Safely and Comfortably

The HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet  and HoverSling® Split-Leg function as both a HoverMatt® SPU and sling to streamline patient handling tasks and decrease the amount of time and money spent using multiple products. Caregivers can safely reduce the physical demands of vertical and lateral transfers, boosting, turning and vertical lifting while maintaining patient comfort and security.

The HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet combines the HoverMatt® SPU with sling straps for vertical lifting, lateral and supine transfers, turning, and positioning. Both can be used with any loop-style hanger bar. The HoverSling® Split-Leg is a combination of the HoverMatt® Split-Leg and a sling – it functions as a limb lifter and stabilizer, as well as a full body sling to perform vertical lifting, lateral and seated transfers.

HoverSling products allow caregivers to overcome several common challenges of immobile patients, including: turning, repositioning, boosting, lateral transfers, hygiene, weighing, performing mobile X-rays, and changing linens, thus saving money and preventing caregiver and patient injuries.

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