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Perform Patient Handling Tasks Safely and Comfortably

Vertical lift equipment paired with patient slings is a necessity in most clinical environments. With weight averages and lift-related injuries on the rise, hospitals are relying on slings more than ever before.

As a solution along with any hospital bed, vertical lift, and loop-style hanger bar, the HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet and HoverSling® Split-Leg can safely lift up to 1,000 lbs. HoverSling devices are created with a unique lift sling design that does not pinch the patient or shear the patient’s skin, and secures and cradles their limbs for even support during vertical lifts. These single-patient use products are constructed of advanced breathable materials that support the ideal microclimate, so you can confidently leave the HoverSling under your patients for all-day care.

Along with vertical lifting, the HoverSling can be used to perform lateral transfers, boosting and turning. With the ability to safely perform all of these tasks with one device, caregivers do not need to rely on multiple products. By eliminating the need to choose between different products, the HoverSling streamlines the patient handling process, saving time and money.

The HoverSling® Split-Leg is a combination of the HoverMatt® Split-Leg and a sling – it functions as a limb lifter and stabilizer, as well as a full body sling to perform vertical lifting, lateral and seated transfers. The HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet combines the HoverMatt® SPU with sling straps for vertical lifting, lateral and supine transfers, turning, and positioning. Both can be used with any loop-style hanger bar. These single-patient use products are designed to reduce skin shear while utilizing the air-assisted feature for transferring and positioning tasks.

Investing in HoverSling products allows caregivers to overcome several common challenges of immobile patients, including: turning, repositioning, boosting, lateral transfers, hygiene, weighing, performing mobile x-rays, and changing linens, thus saving money and preventing injuries in nurses and patients alike.  

To support your safe patient handling program initiatives, we recommend the following products to assist caregivers with lifting:

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