SITASSIST™ Pro Positioning Device

Air-Assisted Seated or Supine Positioning Device

The SitAssist Pro is an inflatable positioning device that gently lifts patients to a seated position or lowers them into a supine position prior to or after a diagnostic procedure. The radiolucent and MRI compatible SitAssist is a convenient tool for mobilization that supports caregiver safety and patient comfort.

HT-Air Supply (sold separately) offers two airflow speeds, as well as a variable speed option for a gradual inflation, for patients who are sensitive, anxious and/or in pain.  Learn More >

Features & Benefits:

  • Two-Stage Inflation System – Provides stability while lifting or lowering patient
  • Hands-Free Inflation Valves – Allows caregiver to focus on the patient during inflation
  • Radiolucency and MRI Compatibility – Product can stay in place during diagnostic imaging
  • Coated Nylon Fabric – Provides durability and facilitates easy cleaning of device
  • Weight Capacity – Accommodates patients up to 600 lbs

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Center Notch & Hip Alignment Indicator

The SitAssist Pro is labeled for seamless alignment making it easy for the caregiver to center the patient on the device and procedure table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this device remain under the patient, or do we have to remove it when imaging?

The SitAssist Pro is radiolucent and MRI compatible. It can remain under the patient during imaging. It is not intended to remain under the patient for extended periods of time.

What happens if my patient codes while the device is inflated?

The SitAssist Pro has a quick deflate valve at the right-side of the head-end of the device. Open the valve and the product will quickly deflate to administer chest compressions.

How do I clean the product?

In between patient uses, the device should be wiped down with a cleaning solution used by your hospital for medical equipment disinfection. A 10:1 bleach solution (10 parts water: one part bleach) or disinfectant wipes can also be used. It is important to follow the cleaning solution manufacturer’s instructions for use, including dwell time and saturation. Do not launder the SitAssist.

NOTE: Cleaning with bleach solution may discolor fabric.

Is it a single patient use device or reusable?

The SitAssist Pro is reusable.

What departments can this device be used in?

The SitAssist Pro can be used in hospitals, long term/extended care facilities, and diagnostic centers. Radiology use includes but is not limited to X-Ray, MRI, CT, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, and Oncology.

How do you properly align the patient on the device?

The SitAssist Pro has a centering indicator for the patient’s body and hip alignment on the device and the procedure table.


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