HoverTech is committed to our history of caring for and improving the well-being of others.

We innovate to help advance patient outcomes by elevating patient dignity and comfort, preventing pressure injuries and supporting early mobility, while protecting the health of caregivers by eliminating injuries though advancements in Safe Patient Handling and Mobility solutions. 

We educate, support, and learn with our healthcare partners. Preventing injuries is our top priority.


HoverTech International was established in 1997 by founder and President, David T. Davis.

Dave started HoverTech International in a little home in east Allentown, PA, working 24/7 to make and sell his product, the HoverMatt® Air Transfer Mattress. With a passion for helping people, he knew that he could make a difference in the lives of patients and caregivers with this technology. Business was slow moving at first, however Dave knew that he could provide the best solutions to help patients and avoid caregiver injuries. There was an overwhelming need for the HoverMatt, and Dave was determined to meet that need and help as many people as possible.

As time went by, the HoverMatt idea caught on and Dave was able to move his business from the little home to a larger home. Still working around the clock, he continued to connect with as many caregivers as possible, showing them how the HoverMatt could change their lives by preventing back injuries, and helping patients feel safe and comfortable. Dave also sold other non-HoverMatt products to nursing homes to help fund the start-up and expansion. To save money, Dave sometimes slept in campgrounds instead of hotels.

Dave slowly began expanding the representation of the product through people he met at various trade shows. The first national sales meeting was held in the fall of 2001, which seemed to be the mark of a grand expansion for HoverTech. Now the HoverMatt is recognized globally as the number one choice of hospitals for lateral transfers, boosting, turning in bed, positioning in the OR and proning. HoverTech’s product line has increased to include additional product families we all know and love, including the HoverSling®, HoverJack®, Q2Roller® and AirWedge®. Along with the expansion of the product line, Dave grew his team of employees who currently spend their work hours in a brand new office building just 20 minutes from where it all began – an upgrade, but still close enough to HoverTech’s roots.


Dave supported the creation of the first Safe Patient Handling Association to further education and certification standards within the medical community. He was presented with the 2016 Safe Patient Handling Advocacy Award by the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals. He currently holds 18 patents for safe patient handling devices and has several other patents pending. His philanthropic contributions include charitable donations that support nursing education and community programs.

Supports Safe Patient Handling recommendations and guidelines for increased healthcare worker safety from OSHA, AORN, NAON, NIOSH and ANA

The Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals
HoverTech is a
proud sponsor of the ASPHP.