Reduce Patient Injuries and Caregiver Effort

Caring for critically ill patients with little to no mobility requires significant manual effort from the ICU/CCU nurse. Performing hygiene tasks, preventing pressure injuries, and moving the patient can lead to back injuries and strain, sometimes forcing nurses to take time off.

All of the turning, boosting, positioning and transferring of patients can be done with reduced manual effort using products such as the HoverMatt®, HoverSling® and/or Q2Roller® Lateral Turning Device.

These single-patient use devices are comprised of highly breathable fabric, making them safe for pressure injury prevention initiatives. They also keep the patient in a stable position, limiting the need to worry about disrupting tubes, IVs and other medical equipment during transfers, boosts and turns.

HoverTech products are shown to greatly reduce injuries and associated workers compensation costs, ensuring optimal care for the patient and staff while saving your facility money in the long run.

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