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Elevating Staff Safety, Patient Care, and Value


Explore our comprehensive line of products that make Safe Patient Handling and Mobility safer and easier for you and your patients. Whether it’s lateral transfers, patient lifting or Q2 turning, our products are designed to help you do more, safer.


Tested for safety and compatibility, HoverTech offers a unique line of SPHM products that can easily be used in any clinical environment.


Patient handling is challenging. HoverTech is here to help with solutions that are specially designed to make your job easier while meeting your SPHM needs.

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Critical Care Crib Sheet: 7 Tips from a Longtime ICU Nurse

Critical Care Crib Sheet: 7 Tips from a Longtime ICU Nurse

We see you, ICU nurses – tackling high stakes shift after shift, often with too few resources. You’ve been essential frontline workers since before they were buzzwords, displaying unmatched resilience that can come at a cost: In a 2021 study... Read More

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Less Support, Same Expectations: Nurses Working with Limited Resources

Less Support, Same Expectations: Nurses Working with Limited Resources

The nurse staffing crisis is no secret – and no laughing matter. An astounding 18% of nurses have resigned from jobs since 20201 , most citing burnout from COVID’s heightened risks and expectations. Many nurses who aren’t changing fields... Read More

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Nobody Has to Get Hurt: Smarter Handling Solutions Protect Nurses, Caregivers, & Their Patients

The importance of patient repositioning is well known in healthcare. It’s also a Catch-22: The more often nurses and caregivers manually reposition bedridden patients, the more likely they are to incur injuries themselves. COVID made matters worse by increasing...

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Reduction in Patient Handling Injuries by Promoting a Culture of Safety and Use of Air‑Assistive Technologies

After noticing a dramatic increase in patient handling related injuries to staff, the University of Rochester Medical Center’s (URMC) facility, Strong Medical Center, decided to investigate the cause. They found that many of their staff members didn’t use the...

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The Heavy Cost of Improper Lifting

HoverTech International’s product engineering – how they work – tends to take center stage in conversations, for good reason. The HoverMatt® Air Transfer Mattress, HoverSling® Transfer and Lift System, and HoverJack® Air Patient Lift are remarkably visual, with design...

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