Elevate Your Standard of Care

Elevating staff safety, patient care, and value

HoverTech has been helping hospital staff safely transfer and position patients for over 20 years.

One Product. Many Uses. The breathable HoverMatt® Single-Patient Use (SPU) Air Transfer Mattress makes patient transfers, boosting, positioning and proning easier, while protecting caregiver safety. A cushion of air beneath the inflated HoverMatt SPU reduces the force required to move a patient by 80-90%, enabling caregivers to safely transfer patients without lifting or straining.

Elevating Staff Safety

  • The use of the HoverMatt, in conjunction with an effective Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) program has been shown to reduce caregiver injuries resulting from patient handling:
    • 73% injury reduction¹
    • 94% lost/restricted work day reduction¹
    • HoverMatt stays under the patient² for all-day care which simplifies the decision-making process for caregivers

Elevating Patient Care

  • Uphold the efforts for pressure injury prevention²
    • Manages microclimate properties
    • Redistributes pressure under bony prominences
    • Reduces friction and shear
  • Preserves patient dignity and cradles them while moving
    them in a stable position

Elevating Value

  • Evidence Shows hospitals reduced direct medical and indirect costs by 98% using the HoverMatt in conjunction with an effective Safe Patient Handling and Mobility program¹
  • Only 2 caregivers are needed to laterally transfer a patient with the HoverMatt or HoverSling® compared to 4 caregivers with a traditional sheet transfer.³ (based on 200-lb patient)
  • Carry 50% less inventory and spend less with HoverSling

1. HoverTech case studies. 2. Technical Studies Supporting Pressure Injury Prevention, BRO_PIP. 3. Internal calculation based on Nelson AL, “Patient Care Ergonomics Resource Guide: Safe Patient Handling and Movement,” 2003 and Waters TR, “When Is It Safe to Manually Lift a Patient?” AJN August 2007 Vol. 107, No. 8.