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Patient handling is challenging. HoverTech is here to help with solutions that are specially designed to make your job easier while meeting your SPHM needs.

Lateral Transfers

Lateral patient transfers must be performed in every hospital unit. With rising body weight averages and staff shortages in hospitals, manual transfers are becoming more unsafe than ever before....

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Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure injuries are a prevalent and devastating reality for the patient population, affecting as many as 2.5 million patients every year1. The implications of pressure injuries are significant for...

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Caregiver Injury Prevention

According to the Bureau of Healthcare Statistics, nurses and healthcare workers in private industry have a higher rate of injury and illness than such traditionally dangerous professions as construction...

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Turning and Positioning

Most caregivers are required to turn and position their patients numerous times during every shift. This repetitive task often leads to strain, which could escalate to musculoskeletal injuries –...

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Vertical Lifting – Sling Solutions

Vertical lift equipment paired with patient slings is a necessity in most clinical environments. With weight averages and lift-related injuries on the rise, hospitals are relying on slings more...

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Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency that requires facility evacuation, staff need a way to efficiently transport immobile patients to safety.

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Fall Recovery

All facilities should have a plan in place for immediate action in the event of a fall. With the HoverJack Fall Recovery Kit, caregivers can quickly and safely assist...

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Early Mobility Program, Outcomes With Results

Empowering Healthcare Facilities Through Customized, Facility-Owned Safe Patient Handling Programs. As the leader in safe patient handling, HoverTech developed the Healthcare Ergonomic Lifting Program (HELP) to aid our customers to...

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