Lateral Transfers

Safe Patient Handling and Comfort

Lateral patient transfers are performed in every hospital unit. With rising body weight averages and staff shortages in hospitals, manual transfers are becoming more unsafe than ever before. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), injury and illness rates in healthcare, at 5.7 cases for every 100 workers, continue to be more than twice the rate of the private industry as a whole.1, 3

NIOSH has determined that the goal of safe patient handling programs should be to eliminate all manual lifting whenever possible.2 Due to reduced staff availability or long wait times, caregivers often manually transfer and position patients on their own without following NIOSH’s recommendation. Using advanced air technology, the HoverMatt® and HoverSling® products can laterally transfer patients up to 1200 lbs with as little as two caregivers. With the highest pull-force reduction on the market (up to 90%), these products protect caregivers from musculoskeletal injuries – the most common injuries among nurses due to repetitive strain and overexertion.

Patients will have a safe, comfortable and dignified experience on all of HoverTech’s lateral transfer and positioning devices. The patient safety strap and patented cradling effect will help individuals feel secure and provide comfort during lateral transfers. Friction and skin shear are greatly reduced, as the patient is transferred from surface to surface on a cushion of air.

All of HoverTech’s single-patient use products are constructed of advanced breathable materials that support the ideal microclimate, so you can confidently leave them under your patients for all-day care.



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