Positioning Wedges

HoverMatt® PROSWedge

HoverMatt PROSWedge is a component of the HoverMatt® PROS (Patient Repositioning Off-Loading System) to assist caregivers with patient positioning. Patient turning and wedge placement relieves bony prominences to aide with Q2. The wedge delivers a 30-degree turning angle for patients at risk for pressure injuries. The HoldFast™ foam keeps the wedge properly placed under the patient and in place with the bed to reduce patient sliding. The HoverMatt PROSWedge may also be used with any HoverMatt® Single Patient Use Mattress or HoverSling® Repositioning Sheet.

Features & Benefits:

  • Disposable
  • Tail/No Tail Options
  • Anti-Slip Material Holds Wedge in Place
  • Compressed for Shipping/Storage
  • Easy to Read Graphics for Proper Placement

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PROSWedge Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the HoverMatt PROSWedge reusable or disposable?

The HoverMatt PROSWedge are disposable.  The wedges can be used by the same patient during the length of their stay as long as they are clean and not damaged.

How do I know if I have properly placed the wedges?

The easiest way to know if you have properly placed the wedges to off-load the sacrum, is if the sacrum is “floating”.  This means that the sacrum is not touching the bed’s surface.  You can check this by placing your hand between the two wedges.  If the patient’s sacrum is touching the bed, reposition the wedges to ensure the sacrum is not touching.

What is the easiest way to remove the wedges from under the patient?

The easiest way to remove the wedges is to lift up the back edge of the wedge and slide them out from under the patient.  To ease this process, if using a sling, lift the edge of the sling utilizing a lift.  If using an air-assisted matt, inflate the matt to remove the wedges.

How do I clean the product?

In between patient uses, the wedge should be wiped down with a cleaning solution used by your hospital for medical equipment disinfection. A 10:1 bleach solution (10 parts water: one part bleach) or disinfectant wipes can also be used. It is important to follow the cleaning solution manufacturer’s instructions for use, including dwell time and saturation.  Do not launder the HoverMatt PROSWedge. NOTE: Cleaning with bleach solution may discolor fabric.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dartex® cover – Heat-sealed seams for added infection control
  • Contour cut form – Permits air circulation between the wedge and the patient
  • Bariatric version – Comes with convex surfaces on the patient and caregiver sides for more support
  • Multiple sizes available – 15”, 20”, and 26″

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Large picture of a HoverTech Reusable Positioning Wedge


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