HoverMatt® PROS™ Air Sling (Patient Repositioning Off‑Loading System)

Supporting Pressure Injury Prevention and Caregiver Safety

The HoverMatt PROS (Patient Repositioning Off-Loading System) portfolio of air and non-air breathable, wipeable matts and slings that are used to safely reposition (including boosting and turning), transfer, and prone patients safely to reduce patient and caregiver injuries. 

By providing pressure relief of bony prominences to aide with Q2, reducing shear and friction when repositioning, and enhancing microclimate management, the system provides a solution to safely turn and reposition patients while reducing caregiver strain.

Caregiver Benefits:

  • Full length – no head or heel drag
  • Link straps secure matt to bed reducing boosting frequency
  • Single caregiver – for safe turning and repositioning
  • Kit option with PROSWedges
  • 2-in-1 air-assist and lift capable with sling option
  • Integrated System – Link straps + Holding Patch + PROSWedge ensure patients remain at 30-degree positioning

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Patient Benefits:

  • Comfort with reduced Friction & sheer when being moved
  • Dry & Cool with the HoverCover™ keeps patient cool & dry
  • Comfortable PROSWedge off-load pressure to reduce pressure injuries
  • Device stays clean – cleanable without having to replace
  • Reduced sliding with links traps attached to bed
  • Skin integrity maintained with HoverCover targeting moisture, PROSWedge providing offloading
  • Air-assisted device reduces pain for transfers and repositioning

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HT-Air Supply (sold separately) offers two airflow speeds, as well as a variable speed option for gradual inflation, for patients who are sensitive, anxious and/or in pain. Learn More >