Reduce the Force Needed to Position and Transfer Patients

Lateral transfers from stretchers to diagnostic tables, turning on narrow surfaces and positioning for diagnostic imaging are routine patient handling tasks for caregivers in the radiology department. These tasks are frequent and often must be performed with little or no assistance. The effect is repetitive strain on caregivers, which results in an increased risk for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).1   

The HoverMatt® Air Transfer System provides an indispensable tool for Radiology staff to reduce the force needed to transfer, turn and position patients using fewer staff. Designed with the needs of Radiology in mind, HoverMatts are radiolucent and artifact free, so they can stay with the patient through any procedure to ease transfers to and from the diagnostic table. The HoverMatt’s tapered head end accommodates the small opening of many diagnostic machines, while models in varying widths make transfers to narrow tables possible.

Caregivers in the radiology department are also charged with caring for patients who are in pain, which is exacerbated by movement. The HoverMatt allows patients to float on a cushion of air, providing the most comfortable transfers and positioning.  For bedside imaging, caregivers can even use the inflated HoverMatt to effortlessly place a cassette while eliminating all discomfort for patients.

Falls are often a concern in Radiology, and the HoverJack can help with easily lifting patients from the floor with minimal staff. It is particularly suited to diagnostic departments due to its flexibility to be used in small spaces and lack of metal components that would interfere with imaging equipment.

Using HoverTech’s air-assisted devices in Radiology improves the caregiver and patient experience, while streamlining workflow and reducing risk for facilities. Use the product links below to learn more about the best products for Radiology.


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