Emergency Evacuation

Facilitate Patient Transports Safely and Efficiently

In the event of an emergency that requires facility evacuation, staff need a way to efficiently transport immobile patients to safety. 

The Evacuation HoverJack® is a unique device that can facilitate an emergency transport and is especially useful for OR and Radiology departments, where a mattress evacuation device cannot be used. Inflated to the height of the procedure table, the patient is transferred onto the Evacuation HoverJack and secured with the patient safety straps and foot-end pocket.  The head-end wedge can be inflated, if desired, to improve patient comfort and ease breathing.  With caregivers using the four transport straps located at the head and foot ends, the Teflon-coated bottom allows the Evacuation HoverJack to glide easily across any surface and down the stairs to safety.  The HoverJack® Battery Cart enables air supply use when an electrical outlet cannot be accessed or power outages present an additional challenge.  The Evacuation HoverJack is an important addition to any safety plan, offering a versatile evacuation vehicle for unique patient scenarios.

The following products will help support your facility’s emergency evacuation needs:

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