Evacuation EMS HoverJack® Device

Promotes EMS Safety to Avoid Injury

The Evacuation EMS HoverJack® Device allows EMS staff to lift and evacuate patients in the most challenging environments. Four air chambers are inflated to lift the patient from the floor in a supine position, maintaining patient dignity and minimizing risk of injury to the crew by creating a no-lift environment. The tapered head-end improves maneuverability around corners and down stairwells.

When used in conjunction with the HoverMatt Air Transfer Mattress, a seamless solution is presented for lateral transfer from bed or floor to the Evacuation EMS HoverJack, and on to the ambulance stretcher in preparation for transport. When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the HoverMatt® reduces the force needed to move the patient by 80-90%, while also reducing patient skin shear and bruising.
Benefits of the Evacuation EMS HoverJack:
  • Generate more revenue – Use of product can increase completed calls per shift due to faster transport times
  • Inflatable head-end wedge – Facilitates adjustable positioning to improve patient’s breathing and comfort
  • Replaceable Teflon® coated bottom – Transfer patients across surfaces with ease
  • Dual-purpose – Stairwell evacuations (700 lb weight limit) and vertical lifts (1200 lb weight limit)
HT-Air Supply (sold separately) – Compatible with the Air400G. Learn More >

Uses for the Evacuation EMS HoverJack® Device

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