HoverMatt® Air Transfer System

Safe and Efficient Patient Handling

The HoverMatt® Air Transfer System is the number one choice of hospitals for patient transfers, boosting, turning and positioning.

With the revolutionary HoverMatt, the mattress – and the patient – float on a cushion of air, so caregivers can safely transfer patients without lifting or straining. By virtually eliminating the injuries related to transfers and positioning, the HoverMatt significantly helps to improve staff satisfaction and retention, while reducing direct and indirect workers’ compensation costs.

The HoverMatt also provides patients with a more comfortable and dignified experience as it eliminates friction and reduces skin shear, improving patient satisfaction.

More important reasons to choose the HoverMatt Air Transfer Mattress:

  • Air-assisted technology reduces force required to move patient by 80-90%, requiring fewer caregivers for improved staff efficiency, safety and comfort during transfers
  • Inflated mattress cradles the patient while moving them in a stable position, eliminating friction and reducing skin shear while providing maximum comfort to the patient
  • Heat-sealed construction eliminates needle holes that are potential bacteria pathways
  • Radiolucent and MRI compatible for artifact-free imaging
  • Available in multiple styles and widths with a 1200 lb weight limit to accommodate most patients
  • HT-Air® air supply (sold separately) provides a variable speed airflow safety feature that allows caregivers to check patient’s position before full inflation, while providing a quieter and more gradual inflation for sensitive or anxious patients and those in pain
  • Supports recommendations and guidelines for increased healthcare worker safety from OSHA, AORN, NAON and ANA


The Double-Coated version offers fluid and stain resistance, making it ideal for the OR or Labor & Delivery.

HoverMatt® Air Transfer System

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