Turn and Position Patients Quickly and Comfortably

Med-Surg nurses require excellent time management skills, which is made even more critical due to high patient-to-nurse ratio. 

With products like the Q2Roller® Lateral Turning Device and the HoverMatt® Single-Patient Use, nurses can turn patients quickly and comfortably using minimal manual effort. The HoverMatt and HoverSling products make transfers, boosting, positioning, lifting and proning easier for nurses, while protecting patient safety. The elevated evaporative properties of the breathable HoverMatt SPU help to maintain the ideal microclimate, making it safe to leave under patients for all-day care.

In the event of a fall, the HoverJack® Air Patient Lift will gently lift the patient up to bed/stretcher height. The HoverJack can accommodate those who are injured or frail by keeping them in a stable position. In the event of an emergency, the Evacuation HoverJack® Device is designed to move patients down the stairs safely. HoverTech products help reduce workers’ compensation expenses by easing the strain on nurses, allowing them to continue working at their fullest capability.

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