HoverJack® Air Patient Lift

Maximizing Patient Comfort and Safety

The HoverJack® Air Patient Lift allows caregivers to safely lift individuals who have fallen without gathering a lift team. The HoverJack consists of four chambers that are inflated sequentially to comfortably lift individuals from the floor to bed or stretcher height in a supine position.

Using the HoverJack in conjunction with the HoverMatt®Air Transfer Mattress provides your caregivers with a safe no-lift solution. After the individual has been lifted using the HoverJack, the HoverMatt can be used to laterally transfer them to a bed or stretcher.

Benefits of the HoverJack Air Patient Lift:

  • System flexibility – Allows for use in spaces where floor or ceiling lifts cannot be utilized
  • Teflon® coated bottom – Makes it easier to transfer the individual
  • Radiolucent and MRI compatible – For artifact-free imaging
  • Available in 2 sizes – 32 “ and 39” (1200 lb weight limit)

HT-Air Supply (sold separately) offers two airflow speeds, as well as a variable speed option for a gradual inflation, for patients who are sensitive, anxious and/or in pain. Learn More >

Uses for the HoverJack® Air Patient Lift

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