PATRAN® Single‑Patient Use Slide Sheets

Assistive Slide Sheet to Support Moving Patients

PATRAN slide sheets are disposable friction-reducing devices designed for caregiver safety and patient comfort. Simple yet versatile, PATRAN can be used alone or in combination with HoverTech air-assisted products to support your facility’s safe patient handling protocols. PATRAN slide sheets reduce the risk of caregiver injury that can occur when moving patients.

Benefits of the PATRAN Slide Sheets:

  • Nondirectional: Provides a slippery surface for movement in any direction.
  • Convenient: Dispensers provide easy access.
  • Variety: Available in 3 sizes to accommodate patient needs.
  • Single-patient use: Promotes infection control, yet reusable up to 50 times.
  • Made in the USA: By a certified women-owned small business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are PATRAN slide sheets latex free?

Yes, PATRAN slide sheets are latex free.

Can PATRAN slide sheets be used in radiology?

Yes, PATRAN slide sheets are radiolucent and MR safe.

Can a PATRAN slide sheet be left under the patient in bed?

No, PATRAN should be removed once the patient is unattended. PATRAN slide sheets are not breathable and are slippery, creating a fall hazard.

What if a PATRAN slide sheet becomes soiled?

Dispose of the soiled PATRAN and use a new one. PATRAN can be spot cleaned, but for the time involved in cleaning a large area it’s best to get a new one.


HoverTech’s Safe Patient Handling program applies real-world experience to support a safer work environment while increasing patient satisfaction.