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Sick, frail patients may find it difficult to reposition themselves and assist with transfers. HoverTech offers products for q2h turning for wound and hygiene care, as well as for lateral transfers, boosting, and lifting dependent patients. Minimizing manual lifting reduces staff injuries, patient discomfort, and friction and skin shearing during everyday tasks.


Laterally transfers patients safely and easily on a cushion
of air

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Safely and easily transfers patients with the convenience of disposability

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HoverMatt Single-Patient Use
Facilitates both lateral transfers and vertical lifts with one device

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Variable speed Air Supply inflates all HoverTech air-assisted products

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HT-AIR 1200/2300
Stores and transports HoverMatts and Air Supply

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HoverMatt Universal Cart
Absorbent tear away sheet with impervious bottom keeps HoverMatt clean

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Disposable Sheet
Safely lifts patients who have fallen to bed or stretcher height

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Safely lifts and transports patients during facility evacuation

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Evacuation HoverJack
Stores and transports HoverJack, HoverMatt and Air Supply

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HoverJack Cart
Allows for easy evacuation of patients using the bed mattress

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