HoverMatt Positioning System

The HoverMatt Positioning System combines a single-patient use air mattress, incontinence care and wedges to facilitate patient boosting, positioning, skin integrity, and offloading that reduces pressure and staff injuries.

Benefits of the Single-Patient Use Positioning Wedges:

  • Supports prevention & treatment of pressure injuries (complies with NPIAP 30 positioning guidelines)
  • No-slip cover – Secures and stabilizes the device under the patient
  • Simplified cleaning with specialized cover

Benefits of the HoverCover:

  • 3x the size of a typical chux
  • 6.7-liters of fluid absorbency
  • Full size reduces gaps and bunching
  • More protection for caregiver & patient
  • Two sizes: Full & half-length to accommodate a variety of needs
  • Creates a balanced microclimate – Breathable with airflow to keep a patient cool & dry

HoverCover** can easily replace 3 average size chux and works more efficiently by reducing the need for overlapping and layers which can lead to pressure injuries and additional leakage.

Benefits of the HoverMatt Single-Patient Use Air Transfer System:

  • Lowers caregiver injuries – Reduces force required to move patients by 80-90%
  • Improves caregiver productivity – Requires fewer caregivers for improved staff efficiency
  • A longer matt supports heel protection
  • Reduces skin shear for a more comfortable and dignified patient experience
  • Radiolucent and MRI compatible for artifact-free imaging – 1200 lb weight limit

Boosting and repositioning can be accomplished with 1 caregiver*. Use a minimum of 2 caregivers to safely transfer a patient, with additional caregivers needed for bariatric patients, and when proning.

* Requires raised siderails  

** Full Size HoverCover