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Single Patient Use



HoverMatt® Positioning Kit

The HoverMatt® Positioning Kit includes the HoverMatt Single-Patient Use (SPU) Air Transfer System, Positioning Wedges and HoverCover™ Disposable Absorbent Cover, providing caregivers with the tools needed to safely transfer, boost, position and offload patients without lifting or straining.

The HoverMatt reduces the force required to move a patient by 80-90%, making patient handling easier and safer, while the Positioning Wedges effectively offload the sacrum and support the patient. The highly breathable HoverMatt SPU and HoverCover minimize heat and moisture buildup, making the patient more comfortable and protecting the integrity of the skin for improved all-day patient care.


HoverMatt SPU Benefits:

  • Inflated mattress cradles the patient while moving them in a stable position, eliminating skin shear and bruising and providing maximum comfort to the patient
  • Air-assisted technology is proven to reduce workplace injuries and associated costs by 50-100% when implemented into a Safe Patient Handling Program

Positioning Wedge Benefits:

  • High resiliency foam supports the patient, while minimizing additional pressure from compression over time.
  • 30° position provides effective sacral offloading
  • Non-slip cover secures and stabilizes the device under the patient
  • Patient dedicated device reduces potential for cross-contamination
  • Polyurethane and nylon cover simplifies cleaning

HoverCover Benefits:

  • Provides a highly breathable absorbent layer to protect the HoverMatt or other patient handling products from becoming soiled
  • Wicks away moisture to help control the microclimate of the patient’s skin

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