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HoverMatt® Air Transfer System


What is the weight limit for the HoverMatt Air Transfer System?

The HoverMatt has been tested to 1200 lbs. HoverMatts are available in different widths to accommodate patient girth.


What is the recommended maintenance for the air supply and filter?


Air200G and Air400G Air Supplies
The recommended replacement/change of the air supply filter is once a year. If a visual inspection reveals a dirty filter, then it should be replaced at that time.

HT-Air® 1200 Air Supply
As preventive maintenance, filter cleaning should be performed monthly. Filters should be cleaned by holding under warm running water. Allow to air dry.


I was told that the HoverMatt can be used anywhere. Are the snaps safe in an MRI environment?

The snaps on the entry end of the mattress and on the end of the hose are not magnetic.

They are nickel-plated brass and not chrome-plated steel. If you wish to use the HoverMatt in the MRI environment, a 25-foot, non-metal hose MUST be used so that the air supply can be kept outside of the room.


Is the HoverMatt transfer system latex free?



Is the HoverMatt FDA Approved?

HoverTech International is registered with the FDA. The HoverMatt is listed as a Class II device and therefore is exempt from pre-market notification and approval.


Why are CSA & UL Certifications important?

CSA and UL Certificates attest to the safety of the electrical equipment. OSHA requires testing and approval by an OSHA approved laboratory, such as CSA or UL. You can confirm this by visiting the OSHA regulations for electrical equipment.


How long can you leave a patient on a HoverMatt?

A HoverMatt can be left underneath a patient for their entire hospital stay. Pressure studies are available.


Can you clean/launder a HoverMatt?

The reusable HoverMatt can be machine laundered. The regular Heat-Sealed HoverMatt (model numbers ending in “HS”) can also be machine dried.

  • The Single-Patient Use HoverMatt (model numbers ending in “SPU”) cannot be laundered and must be discarded upon patient discharge or if the unit becomes heavily soiled
  • All HoverMatt models can be wiped down with the same cleaning products used to disinfect medical equipment


Can you use the HoverMatt with a Megadyne unit?

It is completely safe to use a Megadyne unit on an OR patient who is lying on a HoverMatt.


Has the HoverMatt had flammability testing?

Yes, and both the reusable and Single-Patient Use HoverMatts passed all required testing.


Is the HoverMatt radiolucent?

The HoverMatt is radiolucent and can be left underneath the patient for all x-rays.


HoverJack® Air Patient Lift


Can the HoverJack be over-inflated and cause it to burst?

No, not if you are using a HoverTech International Air Supply. The HoverJack has been tested under conditions that would “over-inflate” using this air supply.


If you open the red-capped valves, does the HoverJack deflate very quickly, causing it to be unstable and the patient to fall?

Yes, it will deflate very quickly if you open the red-capped valves all at one time. However, opening the red-capped valves one at a time, beginning at the top, permits the HoverJack to deflate rather slowly, but steadily. The HoverJack remains stable when deflated properly.


If we want the HoverJack to lift the patient a moderate amount, do all of the chambers have to be inflated for it to be stable?

No, the HoverJack is made to be stable regardless of how many chambers are inflated. However, the chambers MUST be inflated consecutively from the floor up. For example, if you only want to inflate 3 chambers, you must inflate chambers 1, 2 & 3.


Will the HoverJack lift a very heavy patient?

Yes. The HoverJack has a weight limit of 1200 lbs. When lifting a heavy patient, extra caution must be taken to center him or her properly on the HoverJack.




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