Safety Program


Empowering Healthcare Facilities Through Customized, Facility-Owned Safe Patient Handling Programs.
As the leader in safe patient handling, HoverTech developed the Healthcare Ergonomic Lifting Program (HELP) to aid our customers to increase employee safety and efficiency, improve patient care and satisfaction, and lower workers’ compensation costs.
The HELP program empowers management and staff within the facility to take ownership of Safe Patient Handling (SPH) initiatives to avoid long-term and recurring consultancy costs. Each component of the HELP program includes solutions to the challenges encountered at different stages during the implementation of the SPH program. Its customizable approach means it’s everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

HELP  HoverTech’s Healthcare Ergonomic Lifting Program

HELP provides options that allow healthcare professionals to customize a program to fit their specific needs and provide the best return on their facility’s investment. HELP offers comprehensive consultancy services from certified safe patient handling experts who will work with management and staff at each facility to make its Safe Patient Handling Program successful and sustainable.

Risk Assessment

A facility’s initial risk assessment will identify the starting point of the organization and establish the Safe Patient Handling Program goals. This will determine the appropriate level of HELP in each situation. The risk assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of equipment, environmental factors, and existing policies and procedures – the three components of a successful SPH program – and will help determine the compliance, culture, and current practices of the organization in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a systems solution.

Policy and Procedure Development

Directed by a certified ergonomist, Policy and Procedure Development is conducted in a workshop setting, and provides each facility with the tools necessary to develop a customized safe patient handling policy and accompanying procedures. The process will take into account the strengths, limitations, resources, and equipment for a fully integrated policy that will help promote optimum operational performance, profitability, and consistent delivery of the finest service.

Program Implementation and Training

HELP implementation training goes beyond the traditional product in-service to emphasize the need for a change in practice. This training promotes assessing the patient’s capabilities and applying the equipment with the appropriate standard of care from the facility’s policy. Our train-the-trainer approach gives unit-based champions the tools they need to fulfill the role of in-house coaches, who take ownership and provide the ongoing monitoring of the program, eliminating ongoing consultation fees.

Follow-up Consultations

The follow-up assessment benchmarks the program elements against practices within world class SPH programs to make sure the facility is on track to achieve their overall goals of reducing costs and caregiver injury. Mentorship services also provide the security of having a SPH leadership and change expert available for advice and regular conference calls providing support throughout the implementation process.

HELP Safety Coaching Program

Receive value-added, personalized patient handling advice from one of our Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals with our HELP Safety Coaching Program. This program offers Safe Patient Handling & Movement (SPHM) support for facilities at their convenience through teleconferencing and/or email. The program consultants welcome questions from facilities at all stages of developing and improving their SPHM initiatives. If interested, please fill out the Safety Coaching Consult Request Form located at the top, right-hand corner of this page. Expect a response within 48 business hours.

Proven Results:
The HELP system has proven results in significantly reducing patient handling injuries and their associated workers’ compensation expenses.

For more information, contact your local HoverTech representative, or reach us at: 800.471.2776 or through our website contact form.