1. Place SitAssist centered on surface where it is to be used with logo facing up. Confirm deflate valves at the head of the SitAssist Pro are fully closed prior to inflation.
  2. Using HT-Air 1200/2300 air supply, insert hose nozzle into one of the two inflate valves located on both sides of device. When inserted, press the snap to secure the hose to the device. Use the ADJUSTABLE button on the air supply keypad and push four times to inflate the device. If necessary, press the 34” HoverMatt® button to increase air flow and rate of inflation. When the device is fully inflated, press STANDBY button to stop air flow.
  3. Seat the patient within the pocket of the SitAssist, aligning the patient mid-hip level to the hip line on the device. Ensure the apron is laying flat under the patient’s legs.
  4. Open the slow deflate valve located at the head of the device and depress the center flap. This will slowly lower the patient to a supine position.
  5. For narrow tables and rotating equipment, ensure device does not interfere with procedure by folding sides inward toward patient. A general securing strap may be used and adjusted as needed. WARNING: DO NOT INFLATE THE SITASSIST WITH STRAP FASTENED!
  6. To sit the patient up after the procedure, remove strap if necessary, and ensure patient is centered on the device. Follow step #2 to inflate the SitAssist and follow your facility protocol to assist patient off the surface. For rapid deflate, open the quick deflate valve for emergencies, or to completely deflate the device at a faster pace.