Safety Slide™ Evacuation Slide Sheet

Transport Patients to Safety with Ease

The Safety Slide™ Evacuation Slide Sheet allows your staff to safely and efficiently move non-ambulatory patients off beds, through hallways and down stairwells using the patient’s bed mattress as an evacuation vehicle. Placed under the mattress, the Safety Slide cocoons the patient and mattress together using adjustable safety straps. The Safety Slide features Teflon-coated polyester for a smooth sliding surface that allows the patient, mattress and Safety Slide to easily glide off the bed frame to be transported to safety.

Benefits of the Safety Slide:
  • Patient and Rescue Safety – Eliminates hand carrying or dragging patients using bed sheets
  • Patient Security – Adjustable straps securely holds patients in place
  • Compact Storage – Can be rolled up or stored under the mattress for rapid mobility
  • Emergency Preparedness – A great addition to your facilities evacuation plan

Uses for the Safety Slide™ Evacuation Slide Sheet

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