HoverJack® Fall Recovery Kit

Lift and Transport Patients With Ease

The HoverJack® Fall Recovery Kit includes the HoverJack® Air Patient Lift and the reusable HoverMatt® Air Transfer Mattress, or the HoverMatt® Single Patient Use Air Transfer Mattress. The kit also includes the HT-Air® 1200/2300 and the HoverJack® Cart. The Fall Recovery Kit offers a safe and easy solution to address the fall recovery needs of patients, guests and staff.

HoverJack Fall Recovery Kit Products and Benefits:

  • HoverJack Air Patient Lift – Allows caregivers to safely lift individuals who have fallen without gathering a lift team
  • HoverMatt Air Transfer Mattress – Helps caregivers safely reduce the physical demands of transfers, boosting, turning and positioning while maintaining patient comfort and security
  • HT-Air 1200/2300 – Offers two air flow speeds and a variable speed air flow option for a more gradual inflation for sensitive or anxious patients
  • HoverJack Cart – Rolling storage system allows caregivers to respond with the right equipment in the event of a fall
image of a HoverJack Air Patient Lift

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