AirWedge® Adjustable Positioning Device

Adjust Patient’s Position With Ease

The AirWedge® Adjustable Positioning Device is an inflatable device used for adjusting the position of the head, neck and chest of a supine patient. The dual chamber design allows the patient’s head and chest to be adjusted separately, making it easier to achieve ear to sternal notch positioning regardless of the patient’s body type.

Benefits of the AirWedge:

  • Two accessible inflation/deflation valves – Allows for independent adjustment of the head and chest chambers
  • Low profile – Allows deflated product to be left under patient when not in use (800 lb weight limit)
  • Easy to clean – Minimizes infection control risk

HT-Air Supply (sold separately) offers two airflow speeds, as well as a variable speed option for a gradual inflation, for patients who are sensitive, anxious and/or in pain. Learn More >

Uses for the AirWedge® Adjustable Positioning Device

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