Q2Roller Press Release

March 15, 2017

HoverTech International (www.HoverMatt.com), a leader in air-assisted safe patient handling equipment solutions, introduces the Q2Roller® Lateral Turning Device that easily turns patients without manual lifting or pulling. The Q2Roller inflates with the use of the HT-Air® 1200 Air Supply, thus eliminating the need for caregivers to utilize manual force to turn patients. The Q2Roller provides an effective solution for caregivers to reposition patients frequently for pressure relief, hygiene, and wound care. With the Q2Roller, the Q2 (every 2 hour) turning protocol is easier and safer for caregivers and patients, and access to the sacrum and perineum is improved. Breathable fabric minimizes heat and moisture buildup, making it comfortable for the patient and protecting the integrity of the skin.

About HoverTech International:

Based in Allentown, PA, HoverTech is a leader in air-assisted safe patient handling solutions that create a safer environment for both the caregiver and the patient. In addition to the Q2Roller® Lateral Turning Device, HoverTech offers a complete line of patient transfer and lift equipment, including the HoverMatt® Air Transfer System for lateral patient transfers and the unique HoverJack® Air Patient Lift for vertical patient lifting.

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