Evacuation HoverJack II Press Release

January 1, 2017

From HoverTech International, the Evacuation HoverJack® II Device is an airassisted all-in-one transport, lift, and stair evacuation solution that minimizes many of the challenges EMS crews face in taking bariatric patients from their home to the hospital. In an emergency, the patient is transferred onto the Evacuation HoverJack II and secured using the footend pouch, safety straps and body harness. The Teflon coated bottom allows the Evacuation HoverJack to be transported across most surfaces, while the tapered head-end, adjustable inflation chambers, and steering straps facilitate easy navigation. With the Evacuation HoverJack II, EMS crews can make patient transports safer, easier and more efficient.

About HoverTech International:
Based in Bethlehem, PA, HoverTech is a leader in air-assisted safe patient handling solutions that create a safer environment for both the caregiver and the patient. In addition to the Evacuation HoverJack® II Device, HoverTech offers a complete line of patient transfer and lift equipment, including the HoverMatt® Air Transfer System for lateral patient transfers

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