AirWedge Press Release

December 15, 2015

HoverTech International announces the release of the AirWedge® Adjustable Positioning Device for easy and efficient positioning of the head and chest of a supine patient. With the AirWedge, caregivers can easily achieve ear to sternal notch positioning, regardless of the patient’s body type. The unique dual chamber design allows the patient’s chest and head to be elevated or lowered separately for maximum flexibility. The deflated AirWedge features a low profile and can remain conveniently underneath the patient in between uses. Utilizing the AirWedge improves patient and caregiver safety, while saving time, storage space, and money when compared to traditional positioning methods.

About HoverTech International:
Based in Bethlehem, PA, HoverTech is a leader in air-assisted safe patient handling solutions that create a safer environment for both the caregiver and the patient. In addition to the AirWedge® Adjustable Positioning Device, HoverTech offers a complete line of patient transfer and lift equipment, including the HoverMatt® Air Transfer System for lateral patient transfers and the unique HoverJack® Air Patient Lift for vertical patient lifting.

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