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HoverJack Air Patient Lift

Recognized as the industry standard for safe patient lifting, the HoverJack Air Patient Lift allows caregivers to safely lift patients who have fallen without gathering a lift team. The Link style HoverJack inflates to lift patients from the floor to bed or stretcher height in a supine position, maximizing patient comfort and minimizing the risk of injury to both patient and caregivers.

And once the HoverJack lift is inflated, the HoverMatt air transfer mattress can be used with the same air supply unit for safe and easy lateral patient transfer to a bed or stretcher.

More outstanding benefits of the HoverJack Air Patient Lift:

  • Reduce back injuries for nurses and caregivers
  • Minimize staff members needed to safely lift patients who have fallen
  • Lift height is controlled through four individual inflation chambers with self-sealing valves
  • Quick-release deflation valves lower the patient if needed
  • A Teflon® bottom allows for easy movement across all surfaces
  • The HoverJack® lift is available in two widths (32" & 39"), with a tested capacity of 1200 lbs. to accommodate most patients

HoverTech prides itself on being innovative and developing products to meet customer needs. If you have a problem and would like to discuss solutions, please give us a call or contact us.


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