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HoverTech International’s mission is to meet the need for patient transfer and repositioning solutions with quality products that deliver significant savings to the customer.
HR-AIR 1200-2300

HT-Air® 1200/2300

Completely redesigned for both efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our air supply regulator now offers six airflow options in one convenient piece of equipment. HoverTech's HT-Air allows you to safely transfer, lift and position patients with the addition of a variable speed option that offers four slower speeds for use with the HoverApps positioning devices. (Patent No. US D644913)


So many other reasons to choose the HoverTech HT-Air Adjustable Inflation Regulator:

  • Slower, quieter operating system offers improved patient comfort, including slower inflation for agitated patients
  • Variable speed inflation with six airflow options means only one device is needed to inflate all HoverMatt and HoverJack models, as well as HoverTech's new positioning devices
  • The patented handle design combines handgrip and hanger in one
  • A flexible connection between the hanger and the body of the air supply prevents damage to furnishings and equipment
  • The expandable hose is snapped into a built-in channel with attached fluid prevention cover to stay out of the way

HoverTech prides itself on being innovative and developing products to meet customer needs. If you have a problem and would like to discuss solutions, please give us a call or contact us.

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