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Single Patient Use Link Air Transfer

HoverMatt® Single-Patient Use Link
Air Transfer System

The HoverMatt® Single-Patient Use (SPU) Link features all of the trusted benefits of the original HoverMatt SPU combined with unique connecting straps that attach to the bedframe. The connecting straps reduce the need for boosting and improve patient comfort.


Additional benefits of the HoverMatt SPU Link include:

  • Highly breathable fabric allows for greater moisture vapor exchange and quicker moisture evaporation
  • Velcro® connecting straps keep the SPU Link in place on the bed
  • Inflated mattress cradles the patient while moving them in a stable position, eliminating skin shear and bruising while providing maximum comfort to the patient
  • An 80-90% reduction in force required to move the patient when the SPU Link is fully inflated
  • Velcro patient safety straps allow the patient to feel safe and at ease; they also function as additional connecting straps to facilitate patient egress
  • Supports Safe Patient Handling recommendations and guidelines for increased healthcare worker safety from OSHA, AORN, NAON, and ANA

The SPU Link is the first in HoverTech’s new product line of HoverMatt SPUs with enhanced breathability, providing an elevated standard of care for patient handling and pressure injury prevention.


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