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Positioning Wedge


Positioning Wedges

When used together, the HoverTech Positioning Wedges and HoverMatt® Air Transfer System provide the optimal solution for wound prevention and caregiver safety. With high density foam and a cover specially designed to stay in place under the patient, the Positioning Wedges effectively offload the sacrum, while the HoverMatt can be used to safely position the patient, eliminating skin shear and reducing the force required to transfer and position patients.


Positioning Wedge Benefits:

  • High resiliency foam supports the patient, while minimizing additional pressure from compression over time.
  • 30° position provides effective sacral offloading
  • No-slip cover secures and stabilizes the device under the patient
  • Disposable device reduces potential for cross-contamination
  • Polyurethane and nylon cover simplifies cleaning


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