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HoverTech International’s mission is to meet the need for patient transfer and repositioning solutions with quality products that deliver significant savings to the customer.
Human Care

Human Care

HoverTech is now partnered with Human Care to present a full line of safe patient handling devices to our customers.


Convertible Chairs

Human CareHuman Care’s Convertible Chairs offer a multitude of capabilities within a single product. Designed to allow a single caregiver to easily and safely transfer and reposition a patient, the chairs can perform the functions of lateral transfer, rehab/therapy chair, and transport. With features such as tilt-in-space and generous sizing and weight capacities, the Convertible Chairs aid in the safe early mobilization of patients of all needs.


Lifting Solutions

Human CareHuman Care’s lifting solutions provide reliability, cost efficiency and innovation through low maintenance, high quality products with unique features and simple installation. The product range includes a wide variety of overhead lifts, floor lifts, slings and accessories designed to meet all customer needs. Additionally, Human Care offers turn-key design and installation support for overhead systems to ensure the best solution for your environment.


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