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HoverMatt Split-Leg Matt and Toileting Matt


HoverMatt® Split-Leg Matt and Toileting Matt

The HoverMatt Split-Leg Matt is a specialty transfer mattress designed for use in the lithotomy position or on surgical tables when the split-leg plates are employed. The HoverMatt Split-Leg Matt has a patented design that allows the bottom half of the transfer mattress to be sealed into two individual segments, or "legs." This keeps the HoverMatt from getting in the way during procedures performed in these positions. (Patent Nos. US 7266852, 7406723


When the snaps at the foot end of the mattress are fastened, the legs are kept together and lateral transfers can be performed just like with the standard HoverMatt transfer mattress. The legs can then be separated by unsnapping the fasteners to position the HoverMatt "legs" with the patients' legs as appropriate to the procedure.


The HoverMatt Split-Leg Matt is also available in a Single-Patient Use version.


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