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Evacuation HoverJack


Evacuation HoverJack® Device

The Evacuation HoverJack is HoverTech’s specialty device for emergency stairwell evacuations. The Evacuation HoverJack is designed for patients who cannot be evacuated using a bed mattress, making it ideal for the O.R. and patients on specialty air mattresses. In the event of an emergency, the Evacuation HoverJack device is inflated to bed or stretcher height so that the patient can be laterally transferred onto it. The specially designed safety straps and foot-end pouch hold the patient securely, while the Teflon-coated bottom surface allows for easy transport to the nearest stairwell. The upper chambers can then be deflated for descent, as the attending caregivers slide the Evacuation HoverJack and patient down the stairs to safety.


More outstanding benefits of the Evacuation HoverJack:

  • Offers a safe and secure evacuation method for non-ambulatory patients who must be moved in a supine position
  • Inflatable head-end wedge allows for adjustable patient positioning to improve breathing and comfort
  • Tapered head-end improves maneuverability around corners and down stairwells
  • Teflon® bottom allows for easy movement across all surfaces
  • Personal belongings compartment is built into the device for added convenience

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