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HoverTech International’s mission is to meet the need for patient transfer and repositioning solutions with quality products that deliver significant savings to the customer.
Air200G/Air400G Air Supplpy Models


HoverTech’s original Air Supply models, Air200G (800W) and Air400G (1100W), provide rapid inflation of the HoverMatt and HoverJack products.


More reasons to choose the HoverTech Air200G and Air400G Air Supplies:

  • Powerful, portable air supplies inflate all HoverMatt and HoverJack products for flexibilty
  • Durable stainless steel canister holds up to the heavy demands of the EMS market
  • Convenient hook allows canister to hang on the stretcher for ease of use
  • Compatibility with HoverJack Battery Cart ensures HoverMatt and HoverJack products can be inflated anywhere you need them


The Air200G/Air400G Air Supplies are not recommended for use with smaller accessory devices or devices other than the HoverMatt and HoverJack product lines, which require the HT-AIR 1200/2300.

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